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All orders outside of the USA will require additional postage.
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If you wish otherwise contact Steve
 on pricing and delivery times.
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Assortment Pack - Specially Priced!
$2.25 each butterfly/ Pack of 10 

"Monarch" MFT623 
$2.50 each  (Pack of 10) 
$2.25 each ( Pack of 50)

"Pierides" MFT684
$2.50 each (Pack of 10)
$2.25 each (Pack of 50)

"Fashion Blue"
$2.50 each (Pack of 10)
$2.25 each (Pack of 50)

"Fashion Purple" MFT782
$2.50 each (Pack of 10)
$2.25 each (Pack of 50)

"Panther" MFT616
$2.25 each (Pack of 50)
$2.00 each (Pack of 100)

"Peacock " MFBW613
$2.25 each (Pack of 50)
$2.00 each (Pack of 100)

"Fashion Green" MFT781
$2.25 each (Pack of 50) or 
$2.00 each (Pack of 100)

"Purple" MFT807
$2.25 each (Pack of 50) or 
$2.00 each (Pack of 100) 

"Light Pink" MFT809
$2.25 each (Pack of 50) or $2.00 each (Pack of 100)

"White Pearl
" MFT804
$2.25 each (Pack of 50)  or $2.00 each (Pack of 100)

"Leuconoe" MFT612 
$2.25 each (Pack of 50) or $2.00 each (Pack of 100)

If you wish to order 500 or more....we offer additional price breaks. Call for details.
We also offer a custom printing of the Flying Butterfly with a minimum order of a 1000. 

Contact information:

1970 Agora Cir. SE #102
Palm Bay, FL 32909 USA

Steve Hart 


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